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3D printing
Additive technology that allows to create any physical objects using plastic, liquid resin, nylon powder or ceramics
60 UAH/hour
Fused Deposition Modelling technology allows to create three-dimensional models by gradual layering of pre-molten plastic thread. Working area: 223x223x205 mm, 250x200x200 mm, 300x200x440 mm , 290x290x590mm
250 UAH/hour
Laser stereolithography is a technology that 3D prints objects by layer hardening of a liquid resin under the action of a laser beam. Working area: 145x145x175 mm
350 UAH/hour
Selective Laser Sintering technology is a 3D printing technology based on selective melting and fusion of tiny powder particles with laser beam. Working area: 100x100х100 mm
200 UAH/hour
Similar to SLA technology, DLP is based on hardening a liquid resin under the action of LED projectors. Working area: 155x85x150мм
You can purchase some materials in the lab or bring it with you
  • high mechanical strength
  • durable
  • easy finishing process
  • minimal shrinkage rate
  • suitable for complex geometry objects printing
  • high printing accuracy
  • higher mechanical strength than in ABS and PLA
  • operating temperature no more than -40 to +70°С
  • amorphous, does not crystallize
  • resistant to water and aqueous solutions of salt, dilute acids, alkalis and vegetable fats
  • high mechanical strength and durability
  • resistant to shock loading and hydroabrasive wearout
  • excellent resistance to oils, fats and variable solvents
  • atmospheric influences resistance due to operating temperature -40 to+120°С
Nylon (РА6, ПА6)
  • high melting point and elasticity in low temperature conditions
  • withstands steam sterilization at 140°C
  • resistant to various chemically active substances
  • resistant to shock and kinetic loads
  • serves as a good thermal insulator
Formlabs Castable Resin
  • accurately reproduces tiny details which are burned out during casting process
  • due to high printing precision metal accurately fills in the mold, leaving no ashes after
Formlabs Clear Resin
  • allows to work with light
  • suitable for complex detailed and aesthetic objects prototyping
  • allows prototyping accurate mechanical devices
  • suitable for jewelry prototyping, souvenirs and toys fabrication
Formlabs Durable Resin
  • high flexibility
  • withstands durable deformations
  • suitable for printing packages, household goods
Formlabs Flexible Resin
  • suitable for mimicking the appearance and mechanical properties of soft plastic, rubber and siliconeі
  • allows to prototype flexible products, soft surfaces, rubber parts
  • allows to prototype transparent objects
Formlabs High Temp Resin
  • withstands heating up to 289°C
  • suitable for creating molds for various plastics and waxes, models for further tests in a hot environment, templates for thermoforming
Formlabs Tough Resin
  • suitable for prototyping functional details as gears, housings, accessories like buttons, carbines, fasteners
Formlabs White Resin
  • suitable for rapid prototyping
  • perfectly reproduces surface contours
  • suitable for prototyping, souvenirs production
PA12 Nylon
  • impressive stability and accuracy characteristics
  • provides excellent opportunities for contours and surfaces shaping
  • allows to create functional finished parts with high strength and plasticity