Fablab Fabricator is an R&D office, design studio and a platform for talented people who create innovative, unique and useful things
3, Dorohozytska Street, UNIT.City, Campus B8, Kyiv
Prototyping for nuka. "Eternal" pencil and notebook
Aluminium and plastic robot with omni wheels and AI
Prototyping for RAWR - universal smart collar
Mock-up of the disctrict. Materials: acryl, MDF
Sound pickers for electric guitars that convert the oscillation of the strings into an electric signal
Artwork for Art-project
Boxex for Yuliya Chorna Jewellery
Mock-up for competition of memorial museum of Dignity Revolution
Signboard for Soupculture in Vienna
Phantom 4 pro quad bike mount
Glasses for the Jamala. the cover of the album "Wings". Material: acrylic
Warders for Patoka Studio
3D printing award for the M1 Music Awards. 4 Seasons
The 3D printed orthosis for pets
Stand for creating VR Avatars for ARVI Lab. Material: aluminum, plywood
Pots. The form was 3D-printed
3D-printed pangolin. FDM-technology
Cup for the exhibition "Kyiv VRazhae". Modeling, 3D printing, post-processing and assembly
Statue, height 1,5 m. Modeling, 3D printing, post-processing and assembly
Fashion-tech accessories for ELENEREVA. 3D-modeling, printing, post-processing
Prototype of the "MOON light" lamp. Participant of the paris Design Week
Details for the drone. CNC-milling of carbon fiber
Prototype of the smart wristband for Mavi Solutions
Prototyping for Petcube
Prototyping for Cardiomo
Prototyping for
Prototyping for PIX Backpack
Prototyping for Fishball
Prototyping for Moggie - smart collar for cats
Специальная коробка для игры Magic: The Gathering Матеріал: фанераSpecial box for game Magic: The Gathering Матеріал: фанера
Mock-up of Inovation park UNIT.City Матеріал: фотополімер, фанера, електроніка
Cases for photos for start up from Great Britain
3D-printed accessories for NADEZDINA
Modular exhibition panel. Material: plywood and 3D printed plastic fastenersу
Dress with LED light for Queens at Ukrainian Fashion Week
Mock-up of the Street Expo Velobum of the 1890's on the territory of the National Museum of History of Ukraine
Photo Zone for the Association of cyclists of Kiev. Materials: plywood, vinyl
Exhibition stand for the Happy Ukraine project Матеріал: фанера, акрил, вініл
Costume for ONUKA in Vodafone Ukraine advert, made with a laser cutter. Material: leather
The award winning cupboard made on a 3D printer for ELLE Ukraine Digital Party
Mobile House Mock-up for TSEH Architectural Group. Materials: plastic
Installation for the Corruption Park. Material: plywood, acrylic
Bandura Case made for ONUKA
Инсталляция из алюминиевых трубок, коннекторов и LED панелей для шоу бренда "Queens" на UFW
Книжные полки на заказ "Book Box"
Letters and pillow stands for the Krupa 2018 project
Design, construction, prototyping, launch and control of mass production of tablets for Vivienne
Cup for Our Kiev Awards of Santa's 2018 Material: MDF, plastic, steel
Branding for Figaro-Catering
Packing for UNIT.City merch. Multibus
Prototyping for Plank Electrotechnic
BUMA 2018 stars for The Best Ukrainian Metal Act, 3D Print
Bust: 3D modeling and 3D printing
Gasket in motorbike motor made from paronite, cutted on laser
3D printing prototype for Atmotube PRO, Notanotherone
Tooth brush prototyping for Effa
Prototyping of ceiling lights and lamps for mass production
3D printed ceramics
Керамика, напечатанная на 3Д принтере
3D modelling + 3D printing from wax photopolymer for "Slash Dot Dash"
A prototype of an oxygen injector in a blower. Scale 1:5. 3D printed
Prototype of the concept of a personal sextech device