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Page Rules

title: Rules and recomendations
text: Our laboratory has simple rules that will ensure safe working conditions for each visitor. Before you begin, all visitors need to get acquainted with them.

Title: General Rules

In no case do Fabricator work under the influence of drugs, alcohol, drugs
The use of Fabricator equipment may be prohibited if these rules are not respected.
The workplace should remain clean, small volumes of garbage should be disposed of in a place designated for this, and large ones taken out to the street.
The user will be liable for any incidental damage to the Fab Lab due to improper use or failure to comply with the FabLab rule.

File uploads are allowed. However, they should be in full compliance with the current legislation, and not undermine morals, not contain a political component or ideology, contrary to the laws and principles of our country. They will be transferred to their own media after downloading, so that they do not boot the computer and then be deleted from the computer.
Please inquire at the laboratory team if you have any questions. They have the right to remind you to remove a workplace if you forgot about it.

Fabbab Fabricator is a place for rapid prototyping and simple mechanical work. It is impossible to work here for mass production or with heavy equipment. Do difficult and dusty work outside.

Always turn the tools back to their place right after they’ve been used. Clean them up
Remove the working surface after yourself. A person who will work after you are thankful
We want to have a good work in our laboratory, so join the difficult task of doing a laboratory better!
If something is over, crashed or lost, report it to the Fablab Fabrik team.


Title: Clothes

Clothes should not be free, it is forbidden to wear gloves or jewelry that can get into moving parts of the car.
Prohibited to wear outdoor fabrics from Fabricator.
When working with cars wear protective goggles and special headphones.
Long hair should be tied or hidden.

Title: Equipment

Follow the safety instructions for each unit of equipment.
If there is any doubt as to how to complete a task or operation, be sure to contact the Fabricator.
Never make any changes to any basic machine settings. If you do not know how to set up something, ask.
Never remove the protective device from the machine. Ask the Fabricator staff when it’s necessary to change knives, belts, and more
Do not attempt to repair the equipment yourself, report any damages or malfunctions of Fabricator workers.
Keep your workplace clean.
All working areas must be cleaned before leaving the Fabricator. At least 15 minutes before closing.
Return all tools to their proper storage location before leaving Fabricator.
The user is responsible for the equipment at his disposal, in the event of damage, disappearance, failure of the equipment in the possession of the User, it shall be replaced by equipment of appropriate quality.
Tools can not be placed outside the Fabricator.
The use of some machines does not take place without the supervision of employees, since they have a high level of risk for the user. To maintain a safe environment within Fabricator, there is a limit to the number of users. Visitors to Fabricator must log in before each use of equipment. The main responsibility of the personnel is to ensure the correct and safe operation of the tools, machinery equipment located in the Fabricator.
If necessary, staff can provide information and recommendations on laboratory tools, materials and recommend suppliers. If you are using a fixed machine or power tool that requires dust collection, make sure the dust collecting system is turned on and the extractor is open for this particular machine.

Any damage to the equipment, blades, or breakage of the tool must be reported immediately to the Fabricator staff.
Materials and projects remain in storage for a few days without notice, will be deleted without warning.
In order to use your material, a purchase confirmation must be provided stating the type and grade of the material