Single-cell RNA BIO

Single-cell RNABIO meeting

Single-cell RNA BIO

Single-cell RNABIO meeting

Single-cell RNA sequencing is a breakthrough technology enabling transcriptomic and even multi-omics research at the single-cell resolution. It has great potential for understanding cellular heterogeneity, dynamics, and gene regulation, opening new horizons for biomedical applications. The complementary technology is developing human organoids, the next-level model system for translational medicine. Organoids grown of human cells in vitro are used to understand biology of self-organization as well as mechanisms of diseases, and provide new systems for drug discovery and testing.

Single-cell RNABIO is an initiative of group of researchers involved in Integrative Biology & Medicine and Fabricator / FabLab, being supported by UNIT.CityBioLabTech, Ltd, Bienta / Enamine Ltd. and others.

More about us and our partners you can find here:

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Alex Shcheglovitov, The University of Utah, USA Using #iPSC-derived cortical #organoids for modeling early aspects of human cortical development
  • William Stephenson, New York Genome Center, USA Single-cell multi-omics using open #microfluidic instrumentation
  • Mireya Plass, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology | Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, Germany Cell type atlas and lineage tree of a whole complex animal by single-cell transcriptomics
  • Luciano Martelotto, The University of Melbourne, Australia tba
  • Felipe Vilella, Igenomix Foundation, INCLIVA Health Research Institute, Spain Single cell #RNAseq provides a molecular and cellular cartography of changes to the human #endometrium through the menstrual cycle Other speakers will be announced soon.

You can find all updated information about speakers here: The single-cell RNABIO meeting will take place in innovative atmosphere of UNIT.City. Language: English The participation is for free but the number of places is limited. Please register by the link before Aug 15:

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